Wherever you wander, set your soul on heaven

Lake Turkana

Birthplace of mankind

About Alice

Alice Daunt is a travel agent based in London who knows the people who can make it happen for clients who don't have the time to get it wrong. Every trip is bespoke; every recommendation comes from the heart.

Armed with just a cellphone and laptop, Alice travels widely in pursuit of the most exceptional travel experiences of our time. She only sells what she knows, to people she understands, uncovering places that others might overlook in pursuit of more obvious lures.

Daunt Travel logistics are put together with the precision that comes from 20 years of searching for the most original, empowering experiences on earth, from helicopter safaris in Ethiopia, to accessing secret gardens in Venice to private houses on private islands in forgotten seas.


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Virunga Mountains


Monks at Punakha Dzong, 'Palace of Great Happiness'

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